Aiyora POPUP’S – Black Maze – (Black Pop Holder for Phone/Phone Accessory)


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AIYORA presents the first POP UP design called Black Maze. PopUps or Pop Holders are little accessories that you may attach to your phone.

  • An economical solution that solves most of your phone problems. (Substantially reduces phone dropping, you just pop it out and it becomes a stand for your phone on any surface, you can wrap your headphones and they will stay untangled and will be secured)
  • Comes with a beautiful black texture.
  • Made with carbon silicone fibre.
  • Perfect price, perfect design and premium quality.
  • A classic black colour.

What are Pop Holders/Pop Up’s?

Pop up’s or Pop Holders are small circular phone accessories that easily stick to the back of your phone or phone cover. They solve 3 major problems:

  1. The phones that we use are becoming very sleak and if you talk on the phone for hours, chances are you will keep dropping your phone. Pop Holders/Pop Up’s allow you to hold your phone and get an AMAZING grip ensuring your hand does not hurt and also your phone CANNOT DROP if you are using a pop holder/ pop up.
  2. Headphones. Ever struggled with finding them in your bag? or Ever struggled with detangling them? NO MORE. Pop Holders/Pop up’s allow you to wrap your headphones in a circular motion and lock them with your phone. Now, they will always be near your phone and will always be de-tangled.
  3. NETFLIX? AMAZON PRIME? HOTSTAR? Oh, there are too many! If you love watching movies/shows in your phone- you cannot miss this. It pops out and becomes a stand. You can place your phone any surface and easily watch your favourite things without holding the phone. It even becomes a stand if you place it on your bed.

It has many, many more uses. You must get this simple solution to SOME MAJOR PHONE PROBLEMS.

PopUp’s/Pop Holders are phone accessories that solve all your major phone related problem in a very affordable price. It simply becomes a stand on your phone and you can pop it out whenever you want to watch a movie or a show. When it isn’t popped out, it barely adds less than 1 cms to your phone thus it simply slides into your pocket without creating any buldge.

The accessory is very simple to work with. It also allows you to wrap your headphones in the pop holder and they get locked and secure in one place. So, wherever your phone goes; the headphones go with it. Also, headphones will not get detangled or stuck again because they get wrapped around in a systematic manner.


Why this PopUp?

  1. Comes in a beautiful black design. You can never go wrong with black. It’s the ultimate colour.
  2. But it isn’t plain back, it comes with a beautiful texture thus making sure it’s one of a kind.
  3. Premium Quality.
  4. Very comfortable to carry around.
  5. Economical AF!

Don’t think twice on this one!

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